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The firm’s name RRA (Public Law + Social Innovation) synthesizes its core capacity and expertise: the study, interpretation, impact analysis and innovative application of Rules, Rulings, and Arguments in Public Law and Social Innovation.

Because globalization and extensive regulation in contemporary societies make law and policy today more complex and dynamic than ever, both problem solving and identifying opportunities for action within the rule of law require a firm capable of understanding society, the rules of the game and the international dialogue in order to react, create, and innovate within or through the public normative framework.  As a boutique law and consulting firm, RRA works closely with its clients to ensure that their stakes and challenges in matters of public law, policy, regulation, governance, and development are thoroughly understood in order to deliver a safe and high-impact solution.

Actionable insights and customized solutions are delivered by means of applying the Four-Shores MethodologyTM, by which each clients’ stake or problem, be it in the business shore, the civisolidarityTM  shore, the state shore, or the international development shore, is understood first, in its nature and specificity, and then analyzed under the globalization prism of human interdependence, the interplay of cross-sectoral forces, and international dynamics. 

RRA’s solid understanding and capacity to interpret, react, forecast, and given the case, redress  the legal effects and societal impacts of Rules, Rulings, and Arguments, is the basis of the firm’s promise of delivering effective strategy, and legal defense and protection to its clients.

Research, consultancy, legal counsel, and representation allows RRA to team with its clients on inclusive public-policy making; public service delivery; legal and policy analysis; human-rights due diligence; community management; effective philanthropy; social impact investment; international development programming and evaluation; policy reform advocacy; agenda setting; strategic campaigning; and litigation risk mitigation.

Whether a multinational corporation, business company, or for-profit social enterprise; an international donor, academic institution, or grant-maker; a state agency, judicial operator, or municipality; an individual, a family, a civil society organization, or a social movement, RRA brings  cross-sectoral understanding, interdisciplinary expertise, and international vision to those whose needs and stakes fall within the realm of public law, policy, or regulation, or are seeking to create social value in their organization or to drive change by innovating in the social realm. For securing success with impact, RRA innovates in public law and uses law for social innovation.

For maintaining cutting-edge information and knowledge on Public Law and Social Innovation, RRA relies on its knowledge management division, which works as a think-tank. By producing independent research and participating in the global policy dialogue and scholar fora, the RRA think-tank remains linked to the evolving reality of law and development in the field.

For purposes of organization and exchange the RRA (think tank) carries three lines of inquiry and reflection or research laboratories focusing on: 1) the juridical nature, law, policy  and regulation of civil society organizations, NGOs, and non-profit organizations; 2) effective state response, policy coherence, and its empowerment or impoverishment effects on society and vulnerable populations. 3) the responsible conduct of corporations and businesses, and innovative strategies in communication and technology for social and societal betterment.

Whenever the client’s needs or the RRA (think tank) directly requires so, the field research is deployed at the grassroots level through its strategic partner civil society organization partner.

From an ethical standpoint, RRA believes that the law is essential to organizational performance, individual development, and equity as a pillar of social progress; the firm is thus bound in its practice to principles of integrity, respect for diversity, and care for its clients and whom they serve.