RRA team’s experience and knowledge around the world allows us to assess complex challenges and to detect opportunities so as to design and implement customized and secure strategies of action, defense or innovation for our clients on any of the four shores of societal activity. 

Because globalization and extensive regulation in contemporary societies make law and policy today more complex and dynamic than ever, both problem solving and identifying opportunities for action within the rule of law require a firm capable of understanding society, the rules of the game and the international dialogue in order to react, create, and innovate within or through the public normative framework.

While RRA team’s experience dates back to the late 90s, the firm was created in 2007 in New York and legally incorporated in Colombia as a Simplified Joint Stock Company (SJSC) in 2009. 

RRA is  structured as a platform of attorneys, lawyers, and development consultants, who,  based on their individual knowledge and expertise, have teamed up in a sole company and an integrated service portfolio, to jointly strategize for clients' needs. With their professional fluency in English, Spanish, German and French, multicultural education and experience in rural and urban settings, including Bogota, New York, Paris, Geneva, and Cairo, as well as villages in Niger, Uganda, Ethiopia, Brazil, and Colombia, the RRA team members bring their international understanding and interdisciplinary approach to law, governance, and development, to produce comprehensive understanding and innovative insight the firm’s clients.


Is RRA's founder and Managing Partner. She is a Colombian attorney who specialized her legal background studies in administrative law, political science, and civil society law in France and later in constitutional law and international development through her professional practice in Bogota and New York.

Ms. Ruiz-Restrepo's understanding of public law and social innovation comes from her extensive work in public administration, starting as an intern in the National Constituent Assembly of Colombia and continuing to her professional experience in Bogota´s Town Council, the Urban Development Institute, Colombia's Ministry of Finance and the Constitutional Court of Colombia. In the realm of international development and governance, she led a public-private think tank on third sector law and public policy in the National Department of Cooperatives and Solidarity Economics and has been an international speaker and consultant in Not-for-Profit Organizations or Civil Society law for the past five years.

Ms. Ruiz-Restrepo has been active in philanthropy and involved in community and grassroots development since the age of 12 when she started an NGO for street children which later evolved into Asentir, an empowerment organization for youth in poverty. Based on this experience and understanding, she later founded the CiViSOL Foundation for Systemic Change.

Ms Ruiz-Restrepo has also consulted for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Colombia for strategizing and coordinating the region's pilot project on human trafficking prosecution and victims' protection, a project that was later commended with a UN21 award. More recently, she consulted for the Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor where she was responsible for the public law and civil society challenges analysis of twenty-two national consultations hosted around the globe and devising a strategy for cross-sector partnership implementation of the Agenda.

In mid-2008 Ms. Ruiz-Restrepo ceased her work as an independent consultant to start a firm that, with like-minded attorneys and consultants, would serve as a team of specialists in the interaction of public norms and social challenges within and among the business, state, international and civil society shores.

Ms. Ruiz-Restrepo studied law at the Universidad de los Andes, pursued her post graduate studies at the Université Pantheon Assas, Paris 2 where she also began her doctoral research on the juridical nature and political role of the third sector. She has continued her professional education taking different courses around the world, such as the Constitutionalization of Ordinary Law at the AIDC in Tunisia, Advocacy, Public Policy and Social Change and NGOS and International Development in the New School and Milano School for Urban Policy in New York.


Is RRA's New York based Consultant. She holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Chicago, a J.D. from the University of California in Los Angeles, School of Law, and a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). Ms. Barnes brings in-depth experience in rural development, women's empowerment and gender, and monitoring and evaluating systems. She has lived and worked in Niger, India, Uganda and throughout the United States.

Ms. Barnes comes to RRA after having worked as an attorney at a private litigation firm in Los Angeles, California, on several complex litigation disputes involving intellectual property rights,contract and insurance law. In a deliberate effort to redefine her professional focus, she moved to Niger where she lived and worked for two years. After returning to the United States in 2006, Ms. Barnes joined Columbia University's program at SIPA to connect her knowledge of law and economics with her field-based experiences in rural development. While there, she became engaged with the Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor, where she met and worked with Ms. Ruiz-Restrepo on an analysis of the 22 countries' national consultations on access to justice, property, business and entrepreneurial rights of the poor. After the launch of the Commission's report in June 2008 in the UNGA, she joined Ms. Restrepo in her vision to create a boutique law firm specialized in law's role in the public and social realm.


Nicolas Escalante has fourteen years of experience as a researcher and a consultant supporting strategic decision making in public policy, specifically in the areas of waste management, resource recovery, and sanitation for local and national governments. His main professional interest is the application of dynamic simulation models of complex systems to strategic planning and public policy. 

Mr. Escalante has received formal training in the field of systems modeling and dynamic simulation from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (USA), the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain), the Unive arsity of Bergen (Norway), and the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland). He is currently pursuing his doctoral degree at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, where his research focuses on the development of a model-based strategic planning approach for municipal waste management systems in low and middle-income countries. He holds a masters degree in process engineering for environmental protection from the University of Stuttgart and an undergraduate degree in civil engineering from Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia. 

As part of his doctoral training, Mr. Escalante was a research associate in an action-based research project of the Future Megacities program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany, which based on the case study of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, sought to test strategies to generate income and mitigate climate change through the valorization of municipal solid waste. His experience also includes the economic and environmental assessment of strategies of source-separated collection of recyclables for federal and state governments in Germany. Furthermore, he has been involved in the definition of regulatory, technical, and management measures for hazardous waste management, as well as the development of a decision-support model for prioritization of investments in wastewater treatment infrastructure for the Ministry of Environment of Colombia. Additionally, he was the regional coordinator of the Latin-American within the WasteNet project, carried out by a consortium of European, Latin-American, and Asian partners, and funded the European Commission. Mr. Escalante has also served as instructor and adjunct lecturer of the undergraduate program in Environmental at Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá.


Is RRA’s Geneva-based Senior Associate Consultant. He is a top-notch facilitator and trainer whohas obtained excellent reviews in all his capacity building work in more than 27 countries in 4 continents, where he has assisted more than 1,500 SMEs to improve their export capacity. He has advised governments, international and private sector bodies to strengthen the organisation, services and effectiveness of Trade Support Institutions’ work to improve the competitiveness of local SMEs. With more than 20 years’ experience in trade development, Mr. CAMACHO has achieved outstanding results working with private sector bodies to improve the market intelligence capacities of SMEs to help them tap into international markets and grow. He has a proven track record in enhancing the performance of business associations and chambers to improve the export performance and satisfaction of their members.

He has consulted for many international organisations such as the ITC, UNCTAD, the World Bank, GTZ/GIZ, and the EC. He has also worked for the Office of the Mayor of Bogotá, the Ministry of Trade of Colombia, the Fresh Cut Flower Exporters Association, ASOCOLFLORES, and the Exporters Association, ANALDEX. Camacho is a Colombian citizen and holds a MSc in International Management from the University of Liverpool, an MA in Marketing and a BSc in Economics from Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá. He is fluent in French, English and Spanish, and knows rudimentary Portuguese and Italian.


Lucia Bohorquez is an Economist from the National University of Colombia with a postgraduate diploma in Municipal Management and a Masters degree in Economics.

She is a consultant in local development chiefly in infrastructure and health policy.  She has worked as Director of Bogota’s Habitat Policy, Director of Improvement of Social Housing, project coordinator for efficient social construction in the Swisscontact Foundation and the Bogota’s Director of the Public Utilities Agency. 


Niousha Roshani is a  civil engineer,  master in International Development and a Phd candidate in Education, she is a researcher and human rights consultant with 12 years of public and private experience in managing and promoting all aspects of human rights and development including emergency relief, livelihood restoration, social impact and risk assessment, DDR, rehabilitation of IDPs, agricultural development, women and children empowerment, micro-finance, capacity building, and at-risk youth. Niousha has well developed skills in leading research, designing and implementing community activities, infrastructure development, fundraising, management, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation. She has lived for twenty-two years overseas in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and specialized in child protection and conflict situations.

She is currently conducting research at the Institute of Education, University of London on war-affected children in Colombia. She is also the founder of the Nukanti Foundation for Children, an independent international non-profit organization, devoted to investing in education, empowerment and leadership skills, and hope for children, particularly in communities affected by violence, poverty and armed conflict


Heidi Abuchaibe is a Senior consultant in RRA. A lawyer of Universidad Externado de Colombia, she is an expert in transitional justice and public international law.


Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategist. 


Patricia is responsible for the general administration of RRA. In that capacity she coordinates the operational tasks of the RRA Team and the firm's legal and financial responsibilities in the country of Colombia, in Bogota, where RRA is incorporated. She has extensive experience in the operational coordination of teamwork which she gathered in the banking and editorial sectors of business as well as later in her career in the United Nations where she was responsible of supporting coordinated team work in counter-human trafficking. An entrepreneur in her own capacity Patricia brings to RRA all her long experience on managing he day to day legal and financial work needed to comply with the entrepreneurial and operational work of RRA.


Alexandra is responsible for the public accounting of RRA in Colombia. She is a financial controller who has worked in traditional for profit businesses and transnational logistic operations as well as in the not-for profit-sector of social and solidarity economy. Additionally she is part of the RRA team in matters pertaining to third sector accounting and nonprofit statutory auditing. 


Angela is responsible for assisting in general management of the firm. A university student close to completing systems engineering, she also provides tech support to the RRA team and its networked operations.