Companies are no longer isolated units of economic production. Accountable to authorities, shareholders, and stakeholders, businesses profit-making efforts must now align corporate values with its operations in the field. Besides sophisticated law and regulation, increased scrutiny, due to broader societal and environmental concerns may consolidate or jeopardize a company´s social value, its triple bottom line, its commercial leadership, and/or brand reputation.

That is why a successful company today requires the capacity to interpret and react to law, policy, and regulation; participate in public policy decision making processes; manage juridical risk, secure human rights due diligence and identify  opportunities to innovate in society with and through its business to increase shareholder value and set itself apart from the competition, while aligning to changing world expectations.


  • Legal representation, counsel and strategic advice
  • Policy Analysis and Strategic Research
  • Advocacy for policy reform    
  • Anti-corruption protection
  • Human Rights due diligence
  • Corporate Ethical Compliance
  • Corporate reporting to international treaty bodies
  • Mitigation of litigation risk
  • Counsel on deductible private donations
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Business model innovation for social value creation
  • Social Impact Investment
  • Strategic intelligence, insights, and analytics for social impact
  • Embedding human rights in corporate practice
  • Poverty reduction logistics and equitable supply chain
  • Strategic social venture identification
  • Communication for development
  • Community management and social crisis prevention
  • Social Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Case-study research
  • RRA LABsTM for knowledge building and improvement of impact


  • Constitutional Law
  • Policy and regulation
  • Public Services
  • Human Rights
  • International Labor Standards
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Responsible Business Conduct
  • Tax-Exempt Organizations
  • Corporate Philanthropy 
  • Sustainability
  • Social Enterprise 
  • Innovative Financing

RRA Team Experience

  • For a major Latin American broadcasting company, developed a social innovation product to prevent the risk of negative messaging, and instead consolidate the positive social impact embedded in the program’s storyline (Colombia)
  • For US lawyers of a Fortune 500 company, researched and advised on tax law and social targeting to ensure legitimacy and high-impact in donations made to grassroots organizations in a developing country (United States)
  • For a Multinational Company, provided social innovation consultancy services for business expansion and strategic counseling in social value creation for public procurement (Colombia)
  • For a private law firm, supplied research and analysis on the normative binding framework for fiduciary relationships and obligations as applicable to insurance agents (United States)
  • For a Fortune 500 branch, developed a team workshop to contextualize its CSR decision-making strategy in the law policy and regulation of waste management and its social impact in the poverty sector of informal waste recyclers (Colombia)
  • For an industry trade group, provided research, case structuring, and legal representation in constitutional litigation for claiming the reinterpretation of adverse legal provisions (Colombia)
  • For a major Latin American broadcasting company, embedded a social innovation product inspired by international treaties and criminal law for the prevention and reporting of transnational crime in a television show, including a scroll and hotline for victims’ outreach. (Colombia)
  • For a US Company, built a cross-regional opportunity with public authorities in West Africa for environmental and security matters (United States)
  • For a private insurance law firm, research and analysis on the applicability and reach of international jurisprudence in domestic private affairs (United States)
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