States are responsible and accountable towards ever more complex societies, increasingly empowered communities, and globally connected actors. Still they must base their public administration on justice, transparency, and efficiency.

Public Authorities frame, arbiter, regulate, and distribute collective public goods and craft formal opportunities for the people of their community established in a same territory and depending on shared resources.  Through the rule of law and public policy, States set the ground for peace and development; public servants must in turn engage in bettering their response and service delivery. They thus require a solid understanding on law, policy, and regulation, and accurate bottom-up knowledge of the field in order to secure fairness and a horizon of development for all. Skills for policy coherency and institutional integrity, as well as the ability to evaluate and redress negative impacts of law, policy, rules, and contracts on the ground are crucial to improve State action, and legitimize its existence and direction.


  • Legal representation and counsel
  • Public policy analysis
  • Advice on government reporting to international treaty bodies and other oversight instances
  • Counsel on public policy coherence
  • Legal structuring and policy implementation
  • Strategies for corruption and maladministration prevention
  • Capacity building in Human Rights-based Approach
  • Poverty traps analysis and reduction strategies 
  • Impact measurement of public policy
  • Consultancy on transnational organized crime, with emphasis on human trafficking and smuggling of migrants
  • Strengthening systemic state response to victims’ rights reestablishment
  • Inclusive policy making and Social public procurement
  • Negotiation and Social Dialogue
  • Prior Consultation processes with local communities
  • Participatory governance strategies for the legal empowerment of vulnerable populations
  • Communication for development
  • RRA LABsTM for knowledge building and improvement of impact


  • Universal and Regional Human Rights Systems and International Labor  Standards
  • Constitutional  Law 
  • Legislation and Policy
  • Regulatory  and Public Procurement Law 
  • Third Sector Policy
  • Social Movements
  • Inclusive Policy Making
  • Tax exempt law
  • Nonprofit  public procurement
  • Democratic Governance
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Transnational Organized Crime
  • Civil and Solidarity Economy  Organizations
  • Public Service Delivery
  • Community Organizing and Empowerment

RRA Team Experience

  • For a Ministry, refurbished a public information advertisement on the criminal risk of irresponsible use of the internet into a high impact media announcement by pairing it with a TV show with aligned content and messaging, and garnering the support of socially committed artists and the United Nations (Colombia)
  • For a Municipal Government,  researched and drafted an agreement on coordinated  transnational assistance for human trafficking victims in  Ibero-American  capital cities (Colombia)
  • For a municipal government, conceived, drafted and developed a handbook for youth empowerment and crime prevention while travelling or migrating in a context of globalization (Colombia)
  • For National and Municipal Governments, advised and facilitated policy-making processes for institutional development and policy reform for social inclusion (Colombia)
  • For National Government, developed training sessions on access to justice for vulnerable populations with a gender approach and strategic outreach capacity to ensure access to grassroots actors in remote locations (Peru)
  • For municipal authorities, conducted field data collection and developed a strategic action plan for management of municipal solid waste over a 12 year period (Colombia)
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