The Alteritas Lab focuses on understanding the role of law and policy in strengthening the space, capacity, legitimacy, and impact of civisolidarity-based organizations or nonprofits in society. It takes a special interest in the cartography and taxonomy of the third sector, the rules of legal incorporation, public registration, taxing, financing and the public procurement law for CSOs, as well as their interaction with the state apparatus, their responsibility towards beneficiaries, and the impact of private social investing in its mission and social development.

Researchers and Visionaries

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    Insights and Findings

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    Observing and Learning

    • Readings

      Hudson Institute The Index of Philanthropic Freedom 2015. Center for Global Prosperity (CGP), Carol Adelman, Jesse Barnett & Kimberly Russel.

      Jean-Louis Laville The Social and Solidarity Economy, a theoretical and plural framework. Draft paper prepared for the UNRISD Conference Potential and Limits of Social and Solidarity Economy.

    • Multimedia

      Global NPO Coalition FATF RRA is closely following the exchanges on definition and redefintion of NPOs/CSOs/NGOs in OECD/ FATF // RRA está siguiendo de cerca los intercambios sobre definición y redefintion de las ESALES/OSCs/ONGs en la OCDE/GAFI

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