The Empoder Lab focuses on detecting and understanding how law and poverty positively and negatively correlate, as well as the resources, strategies, and tactics to approach legal barriers and poverty traps from the bottom-up. It also analyzes trends in law, policy, regulation, and judiciary response, which happen to overlook or burden occupational groups of vulnerable population, the human rights based approach to development, the criminalization or victimization of the poor, as well as strategies for participatory governance of vulnerable or marginalized population in democracy and for development.

Researchers and Visionaries

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Allies and

  • RRA + ALAS DE COLOMBIA Thinking on poverty and rural female empowerment

Insights and Findings

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Observing and Learning

  • Readings

    Welfare and Poverty Deserving or undeserving poor? Can the welfare state ever distinguish between those who deserve help and those who do not? Chris Bowlby/ BBC

    Poverty and Human Rights 22 June 2015 / Statement by the Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights at the 29th session of the Human Rights Council

    Victims Empowerment Human trafficking is antithetical to the rule of law: the practice constitutes one of the most acute challenges to rights and dignity.IDLO’s project aims at ensuring that girls who are victims or at risk of human trafficking use the relevant legal system.

    Anticorruption The Global Anticorruption Blog : Law, Social Science, and Policy is devoted to promoting analysis and discussion of the problem of corruption around the world.

    Informal Ecomomy Decent work and the informal economy. International Labour Conference Report

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