The Innocial Lab focuses on the role and impact of businesses and consumers as new actors in the pursuit of the common good, the new dynamics they create in the public arena, the role of corporate resources, the emergence of virtuous capital, the social impact of logistics and the supply chain, and understanding the overall corporate competency for societal problem-solving. It is also interested in emerging techniques, applications and skills that information and communication technologies produce across the globe, and their concrete impact in the social realm for the sake of policy inclusion, civic tech, and the market’s expansion through collaborative economics.

Allies and

  • LOGYCA Thinking on Logistics for Social Inclusion

  • HINABU Hinabu Consultores

Insights and Findings

Observing and Learning

  • Readings

    Mobile tech Social impact Mobile tech and the potential for social impact. Blueridge Labs @ Robin hood

  • Multimedia

    OECD Responsible Business OECD Forum 2015 – Responsible Business Conduct

Think Tank