The RRA (think tank) is the name given to the firm's knowledge management and intelligence unit. It aims to develop a deeper understanding on crosscutting issues relating to systemic thinking, law, civil society, regulation, development and social innovation and impact. This is the firm's strategy to keep knowledge updated, cross-sectoral and pertinent in times of globalization for the sake of its clients and society at large. It engages externally with selected strategic partners for deepening research and deploying a wider interdisciplinary approach to complex problem solving and works along invited visionaries and practitioners willing  to join efforts in fine-tuning information, policy forecasting and anticipating forces of transformation. It is through this space or unit, named under the  separate brand of  RRA (think tank) that the firm seeks to contribute its distilled knowledge and independent findings with the broader public identifying as the business community, scholar fora, policy dialogue or civil society movements. It does so by participating in events, contributing to publications or disseminating its own knowledge products. Each contribution of the RRA (think tank) must always derive from and feedback to one of its labs or nodes of intellectual and independent work, which are:

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  • Systemic Thinking: Special Jurisdiction for Peace

    RRA´s Nicolas Escalante presented to a group of selected guests from the governement, interantaional community and civil socetyt RRA and Hinabu´s first draft of a SJP simulator

  • Yes or No: Debating Colombia´s Plebiscite

    Within the context of peace agreement and discussions, RRA’s Heidi Abuchaibe, a professor from UniExternado, made a scholarly contributi

  • RRA featured in Portafolio Financial News Journal

    In the case studies section of the newspaper and under the signature of German Mejia, the firm was analyzed as a boutique law firm specializing in the correlation of public regulation and social impact and

  • Annual Meeting of Solidarity Economy,in Cartagena

    During the annual meeting of Colombian Cooperatives, ASCOOP´s affiliates and guests will exchange around current challenges such as sectoral identity. The Theory of Juridical Alterity (Ruiz-Restrepo, 2011)

  • Money Laundering Training / Decriminalizing NPO

    Convened by the Office of the Attorney General of Colombia, organized by Fibgar and UniExternado, a training workshpo to combat money laundering was held in early december. RRA´s Adriana Ruiz-Restrepo part

  • Counter Human Trafficking and Smuggling

    International seminar to strengthen the investigation phase of Transnational Organized Crime convened by the Fiscalia de Colombia and FIBGAR. Adriana Ruiz-Restrepo participated as Expert in Human Commodification Crimes along Baltasar Garzon, Dolores De

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    Welcome to the RRA (think tank) :

    • - Ruiz-Restrepo's Library of Authors and Documents on Civil Society Law and Sustainable Development is at the origin of the initiative and informal space set to learn and debate collectively around these matters.  Initiated in Paris it was set in Colombia in 2002 with the help of foreign students of aid, policy, and development living in Bogota at the time. Books and reports of the library are in a physical format and kept in the library, With digitalisation and the recent increase of interest in Development, Governance and the Third Sector many valuable documents are shared in the world wide web. Found and curated, these are made available through the knowledge center it includes also publications and working documents authored by the RRA team and the thinkers, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers invited to this reading and thinking space. 

Echoes & Collaborations of RRA

  • 2015 OECD HUDSON / Private Financial Flows

    RRA contributed experience and insights to the discussion on creating enabling environments for mobilising private financial flows for sustainable development during this joint meeting of the Center for Global Prosperity and the OECD Development Center.

  • 2012 UNDP and Arab Organization of Human Rights

    RRA contributed experience and insights on the importance of establishing Economic, Social and Cultural rights in the Constitutional level for allowing space to civil organizations of the poor and informal sectors of society to empower out of poverty.

  • 2010 Ford Foundation / Human Rights and the MDGs

    RRA contributed cases and findings on the use of law as a poverty reduction strategy in the conference convened by Realizing Rights, the Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation and Amnesty International on “Human Rights at the center of global actions

  • 2005 ICNL / On Not-for-Profit Law

    RRA (formerly strategico) was invited to the opening plenary of the Global Forum and to participate in a workshop on International sources of CSOs law. In 2011,RRA contributed on topics of Social Enterprise definition and Public Procurement of Nonprofits.

  • 2005 EMES ISTR / On Law and the Third Sector

    Adriana Ruiz-Restrepo shared research on the relevance of the discipline of law for approaching the array of not-for-profit organizations that integrate the Third Sector. Conclusions to the inquiry explained as a Theory of Alterity were presented in 2015.

  • 2004 CIVICUS / Civil Society Organizations' Law

    RRA (formerly Strategico) held a workshop on CSO Law and the need to move “Beyond Good Intentions”. A session on the same topic was held later in 2006, and Adriana Ruiz-Restrepo of RRA joined the CIVICUS group set to campaign for strengthening CSO rights.